The single most useful tool for Ionic development

Ok, I don’t know how I didn’t discover this earlier. I’ve been using Ionic for 2 years now and never (I mean, NEVER) came across this amazing tool throughout this whole time: The same way you can open a dev tool for the web browser, you can open a chrome... [Read More]

Array Indexing Problem

From time to time I enjoy solving some challenges just for fun. A couple of months ago I found this problem on Quora. What caught my attention was that it’s an indexing question, and although there was clearly a pattern there all answers included a loop. I knew there was... [Read More]

Piping STDERR and STDOUT to different files

For me one of the greatest advantages of the bash is solving complex tasks by piping a sequence of simple commands, each with a very specific responsibility. At the beginning, I didn’t know how to use stderr, so I printed everything to STDOUT, and this would break the whole piping... [Read More]

Compiling GO binary to Ubuntu from MacOS

Plenty of the times our development server (or CI server) is not the same as our production server. For interpreted languages like Python or Ruby this is no problem. Java solves it by using the JVM. In GO, however, binaries are built for a specific architecture, so if you build... [Read More]